: The Secret, Sordid Lives of Our Pets


Production Credits

PetOpera is brought to you by the creative minds of John and Beth Nolley and draws upon the lives and personalities of their fauniferous zoo of pets.

PetOpera owes a great debt to Ms. Gina Collins, who has long spun sordid tales of her household kitties, inventing ridiculously entertaining stories on the fly and off the cuff.

The photos and images of PetOpera are largely drawn from the photography of John Nolley II, taken on a variety of digital cameras including the Canon Digital Rebel XT, Canon PowerShot G5, and Canon DigitalElph S550. Graphics and photos have been processed in Adobe Photoshop.

The website for PetOpera was designed and developed by John Nolley II, using his skills as a programmer and is hosted by

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